Meet Big Blue, our club bus

ATC Bus 2 Mercer 2022

Transport for most day walks, two day walk weekends and weekend tramps is in Big Blue, our much loved club bus.

Big Blue can carry 39 seated passengers and converts to a "sleeper" for overnight trips by folding down the seating 

If the bus isn’t available, trampers car-pool and make a set contribution to the driver to cover expenses.

20220828 074105 << Updated interior and day mode photos required>>

Trip Departure Point, the Club garage

Trips depart from the club garage at 31 Sandringham Road, next to the Mobil station and directly opposite Eden Park. 

The Kingsland Train Station is just a hop, skip and jump away.

Departure times are stated in the trip description and can vary, but are typically 8.00am for Day Tramps and Two Day Walk weekends, and 7pm Friday night for weekend tramps.

Don’t be late! We won't always be able to wait for you.

Here's the entrance to the garage and parking area from the street:

And a map of the location - tap/click to enlarge:

Map Garage

Parking at the Club garage

The garage property is shared with the Auckland Catholic Tramping Club (ACTC) so you must only park in designated ATC parking spaces.

These are:

- along the right side of the carpark as you enter. Park close together, as near the fence as possible, with small vehicles only closest to the garage.

- a single line of additional parking along the left fenceline. The two other marked lanes are for ACTC, so stay within the marked far left lane.

Alternatively there is parking on the road and in side streets.



Additional Pickup points

It a trip has additional pick-up points, this will be stated in the trip description in the calendar.

These are the locations we use:

For Waitakere tramps (west)

Day walks heading west into the Waitakere Ranges have an additional pick-up point in New Lynn. Meet in the Gymnasium car park at Olympic Park, Portage Road, opposite Puriri Street. Note that this is usually advertised as on request to the leader or driver only.


For trips heading south

Day trips heading south to the Hunua Ranges, Coromandel Ranges, or Waikato District have an additional pick-up point in Marewa Road, Greenlane opposite the Countdown and McDonalds car park near the Greenlane Southern Motorway Interchange

Meet outside 11 Marewa Road, next to the Greenlane Christian Centre.


For trips heading north

Day trips heading north via the North Shore have two optional pick-up points

The first is along Des Swann Drive in Takapuna

Meet (and park) at the north side of the bottom of Des Swann Drive. Note that this is usually advertised as on request to the leader or driver only.


The second is at the second bus stop on Painton Road, Silverdale

Note that this is usually advertised as on request to the leader or driver only.

Painton Road pickup point map