Our Club is well-known for running a superb extended multiday tramping programme.

Every year we’ll typically have:

- at least one week-long North Island tramp

- at least one South Island winter trip

- a range of multiday South Island tramps over the Christmas period

- multiday South Island tramps at various levels in February

- a “safari” in the South Island in February/March

Read on for info on each of these – and come and join us!

Fantastic extended North Island tramps

The Kaimanawas, Kawekas, Ruahines, Tararuas. All of these magnificent ranges are the playground for our extended North Island tramps.

Ruahines tramp above the treelineOn the tops in the Ruahine Ranges

Different tramps will cater to different levels – some will be challenging week-long expeditions in remote, demanding terrain, often off-track. These cater to our experienced, fitter trampers.

Others will be pitched at Medium level with less challenging days, travelling mainly on tracks and making use of the hut network.

All tramps will traverse spectacular country, and of course there’s no avoiding the rugged terrain these ranges are known for and whatever the weather throws at us, so good fitness and equipment is always required.

Wonderful winter tramps

Most years we'll have at least one hut-based, multiday mid-winter tramp not too far from the white stuff down south.

Report 2018 06 Winter Trip Harper PassOn the Old Ghost Road

These are generally hut-based, Medium level using well-maintained tracks - including the Great Walks.

Totally different to summer tramping, these tramps give a different perspective of invariably stunning landscapes and with fewer people about. Fantastic!

Our magnificent South Island summer tramping programme

Every year starting just after Christmas we descend on a stunning South Island location for two weeks of spectacular summer tramping.

Typically we’ll have different tramps rated easy, medium and fit, and of varying lengths – from 3 to 5 or more days. Members can join one, or several of them.

It’s fair to say these two weeks are the highlight of the year for many members.

On the Matiri RangeTraversing the Matiri Range

And then in February we do it all again!!

Yes, we’ll head to a different but equally awesome location for a second series of superb extended tramps, historically called our ‘Interim’ tramps .

So keen members can get in two weeks of awesome tramping over late December and early January, and then head back for another dose in mid to late February. Now that’s hard to beat!

Note: These Christmas and Interim multiday tramps typically fill up (real) fast, so be sure to get in early. 

South Island Safari

Most years we’ll run a “safari” after the Interim extended tramp programme.

These are around a 2 week road trips through scenic areas of the South Island with a few nights in each of a small number of great tramping locations.

There’ll be a variety of day hikes / shorter hikes / overnight tramps offered at each location. Accommodation is typically in camp grounds using cabins and/or self contained units. Lodges and outdoor centres can also be used in some locations.

Transport is courtesy of Big Blue.

Programmes are normally put together around mid year for the following year’s trip – keep an eye on the calendar and our Wanderlust magazine.
Muller Hut day trippers smallerA Safari day tramp to Mueller Hut

Extended Multiday Tramp Planning

Planning for our summer programme takes place early each year, and is normally finalised by mid year. The programme is then published on our website and in our monthly Wanderlust magazine, and individual tramps added to our Multiday Tramps Calendar.

So if you want to be in on these awesome trips, be sure to check each month’s Wanderlust and keep and eye on our Calendar.

And get in fast! They can fill up in no time at all.

Minchin 2020 01 06  

2020 02 Interim Fit 04


Interested in our extended tramps? Then you’ll need to know what gear to take. Check out our comprehensive tramping gear advice and checklists.

And be sure you understand our tramp gradings and what each level requires.

Want to know how some of our previous trips went? They're almost always written up in a trip report with generally outstanding photos. Search them out in Trip Reports