Tramps run by Auckland Tramping Club involve a wide variety of locations, terrain, and conditions - from close to home to throughout the length of New Zealand.

No matter where a trip goes, or how "hard" or "easy" it is, there is always a chance that something unexpected will happen - to your whole party, to you, or to another member of your party.

This page provides some guidance on what to expect when there is a delay to the completion of a trip, whether from unexpected tramping conditions, or as a result of one of your party having a significant accident.

Before You Start A Trip

  • If you are new to tramping in NZ, or have not been out tramping for a while, be conservative on which party you decide to join
  • Ensure that you are personally well prepared, and capable of completing the trip
  • Ensure your trip leader knows about any medical issues you have, and that you bring ALL required medications with you
  • For all trips you must supply emergency contact information - that person will be called in the event of a delay or emergency
  • Make sure that your emergency contact / immediate family knows about out Trips Returning Late contact information
  • And provide them with some information about the trip location - preferably send them an email link to the trip information on the ATC website
  • Occasionally a trip returns a lot later than expected - ensure your emergency contact knows how to contact essential people, such as your employer

If The Unexpected Happens

  • Cooperate fully with the person assigned to take charge of the situation - normally it is the trip leader
  • Find out how you can help - be calm, contribute ideas, listen to others, give the leader time to think
  • Help look after everyone in the party - shelter, food, drink, stress management
  • As soon as you have time and mobile coverage, contact your emergency contact to brief them on the situation

Injured tramper helicopter rescue

Rescue Assistance Required

Multi day trips normally carry a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) and an InReach. One or both of these will be used to contact Rescue Services.

On Day Trips the party's resources and location will determine how Rescue Services are contacted.

While waiting for assistance, there is a lot to do to look after the injured person - and the rest of the party too - and to prepare for an evacuation.

Using a PLB

Our tramping parties usually carry a PLB, but like a lot of items in a first aid kit, it is seldom, if ever used (fortunately). BUT when there is a life threatening or other incapacitation injury, knowing how to use your PLB is essnetial. Here is a very informative blog on using a PLB and being prrepared for managing the situation - this is an essential read for all trampers.