Two Superb Day Walks in one weekend in the Auckland region!

Fancy getting away for the weekend for two superb day walks - with a bit of comfort thrown in?

Then our Day Walk Weekends are for you!

You’ll be away bright and early Saturday morning in Big Blue heading straight to our first day walk destination.

That walk done, we’ll be off to a comfortable camping ground for the night, more than likely with a visit to a local restaurant for dinner.

Then on Sunday we’ll enjoy another great hike, before retuning to the big smoke in the afternoon.

Yes, not one but two brilliant day walks in stunning locations with excellent company – it doesn’t get much better than that!

Pinnacles 04Dawn on The Pinnacles

So here are 6 compelling reasons to join one of our popular day walk weekend events:

  1. you'll get to do not one but two invigorating day hikes in one weekend, whilst only carrying a day pack each day

  2. you'll relax in comfortable accommodation on Saturday night in a cabin or tent at a camp ground – hot showers!

  3. the hikes are always in a stunning location you might not otherwise get to

  4. everything’s organised – the walks, transport and accommodation 

  5. our leaders are friendly, knowledgeable and experienced – you’re in very good hands

  6. our group sizes are ideal – not too big, not too small

Day Walk Weekend destinations

So where do we go? Anywhere within 3 hours drive. This opens up a world of tramping possibilities – in the Waikato, Coromandel, Kaimais, up North … beach, bush, farm, gorge and ridgeline walks are all on our radar.

Mt Pirongia lookout  Uta taking photo Dargaville trip

Example day walk weekender destinations (with links to members' reports on the trip) include:

Interested in our next day walk weekend? Check out what’s planned in our calendar.

Important: you generally have to book and pay in advance for a Day Walk Weekend - see the trip information page in the trip calendar for details.


There are usually a few options for where to sleep on the Saturday night:

  1. In the bus
  2. In some camp grounds - in a bunk in a shared cabin 
  3. In your tent
  4. In other accommodation that you organise yourself at the camping ground

Day Walk Weekend hike gear

Here’s what you need to bring on any of our ATC day walk weekends:



A waterproof rain jacket with hood is essential

Fleece or wool jumper, warm hat, gloves

Torch & spare batteries

Lunch & snacks, water

Sunscreen, sunhat

Toilet paper, etc

First Aid Kit


This all stays in the bus when you are hiking:

Change of clothing and shoes

A bag for your hiking boots and clothes 

Sleeping bag

Food for breakfast and Sunday lunch

Food if you choose to cook your dinner for yourself

Sundry snacks and drinks

Towel (often camp grounds will provide hire towels)


Check online for facilities at the camp ground to determine what cooking gear and utensils to bring - if in doubt, do ask

What to Wear

  • Boots or stout shoes

  • Shorts or quick dry trousers (not jeans)

  • Shirt (wool or polypropylene layers, according to weather, not cotton)

Check out our day walk info page for general day walk information, including our safety rules, hike gradings. And also our extensive info and recommendations on tramping gear.

Are you a member of ATC? Our Two Day Walk Weekend trips are cheaper if you are. Saving money is just one of the many benefits of joining ATC – check out the others