The Backcountry Trust is a collaboration of FMC, NZ Deerstalkers and Trail Fund (Cycling) that channels money received principally from DOC through to volunteer track and hut projects around the country

This work has enabled the rejuvenation of many backcountry huts, and close to home, was also a major funder of Te Whare Okioki and maintenance projects in the Kaimai Mamaku Conservation Park.

Their recent newsletters are at this website link - these make for very interesting reading, showcasing the work of the volunteers they have funded.

BCT Annual Report 2020 - 2021

In August 2021 BCT released their annual performance report, detailing all the projects assisted via their funding over the last year - both from volunteer projects and from Kaimahi (Jobs) for Nature projects. Read about and see photos of all the wonderful backcountry projects they have funded over the last year. Website link.

In Recent BCT News

Tena koe from the Backcountry Trust team. It's cooled down and we're finally seeing some of that powder fall on the mountain tops, perhaps especially exciting for those of us able and willing to brave the chill and often slick conditions to enjoy the privilege of those fantasy level picturesque views from the tracks and huts available to us. For those who can't or who might need a little inspiration, browse on through some of the amazing work the teams of volunteers, Jobs for Nature contractors and BCT management have churned out over the summer of 2021/22, in which the Backcountry Trust was fortunate to have a number of sponsors for some projects.

Dulux paints not only helped with free product on all huts requiring painting, but as part of the growing partnership between the Department of Conservation and Dulux, made cash donations to work on Freeman Burn Hut, Doughboy Bay Hut and the Belltown Hut move. Bivouac and Canyon Brewing also made significant contributions over the past 12 months. Their contribution combined helped fund another hut restoration in the backcountry.The contributions from these sponsors really help to deliver the ongoing work to restore the backcountry hut and track network for New Zealanders

Whareroa Farm MTB 

In late December 2021, after much planning and work by the Kapiti Mountain Bike Club, the new track 'Track 2', in Whareroa Farm on the Kapiti Coast was informally opened to riders. The weather decided to test its features and functionality early on, but it held it's own, and the features on this new trail are now being enjoyed by riders lucky enough to experience the tracks in this area.   More info here

Tauanui HutTauanui Hut

Found in Wairarapa's Aorangi Range, this 6-bunk hut was in definite need of some care and maintenance. A task a group of volunteers happily put their hands to in January 2022. The team gave the hut a full makeover and spruced up its suroundings, and while there are some larger tasks needing completion in future, it is now looking pretty sharp thanks to all of their efforts. More info here



Waitotara ForestWaitotara Forest Trackwork

In early March this year, a team of six volunteers including 5 ATC members, made a multi day trip into the Waitotara Conservation Area, to open up a significant section of tracks. They spent several days clearing windfall, cutting paths through manuka, fern and bracken, and marking the trails as they progressed. They also made use of the huts in the area and even fit in some maintenance on Puteore Hut. More info here

Mitre FlatsMitre Flats Hut

This large 14 bunk hut, was built in 1988 and is located in the Tararua Ranges. Given that it is 35 years old, the hut was due for a bit of TLC, and a group of volunteers, led by Steve Wilman, were happy to provide. It took seven loads by helicopter to get all the gear and materials needed up to the site and six days of work in some pretty high temperatures to get it looking so good, and the loo even got a wee makeover too. More info here


Doughboy Bay HutDoughboy Bay

This 20 year old hut is the southernmost shelter on the Southern Circuit of Rakiura, nestled in amongst gorgeous native forest. In April 2022 it received some needed attention in the form of renovation and area clearance, along with other minor tasks and a new woodshed, with the help of some Kaimahi for Nature funding, and the co-operation of a BCT engaged team and the local DoC rangers.More info here

Daleys Flat 3-wire Bridge

Daleys Flat BridgeDue to being washed away in the February 2020 floods, this bridge, which provided essential access across a critical ford of the Dart River at Daley's Flat, was in definite need of replacement. So it was added to the Kaimahi for Nature schedule, and after a site inspection in early 2021, the work was undertaken in earnest in early 2022, with the blessing of a period of near perfect bridge building weather. More info here

Goat Creek Hut

This almost 70 year old hut, built in the mid-1950's, located on the Old Ghost Road trail, as with many of the huts built around this era, was sorely in need of some good R & R (restoration and refreshing) and as would be expected, it also contains a good deal of history worthy of preservation, and an interesting origin story. Thanks to the top efforts of the team that went in, the hut is once again looking like a good place to get some rest and restoration. More info here 


Otamatapaio 'Pink' Hut

This hut on the old Otematapaio station, around 18km from the main Omarama to Otematata highway, gained itself a new horse pen, when the old pen fell into disrepair and was washed away. The 60x60 metre pen has been erected by volunteers from the Hgh Country Pleasure Riders Club, backing onto the Otematata Station boundary fence, ready for any horse trekkers exploring the area to enjoy. More info here